Q: How much is it?

A: £20,000. For schools more than 35 miles from London, a travel/accommodation charge will also apply.

Q: What do I get?

A: Main Film (up to 5 mins), Making Of (up to 5 mins), Professional Still Photos, Dolby Sound Mix, Rushes (unused footage so you can edit further films in-house)

Q: How long does it take?

A: 2-3hr Brainstorm Session, 2 Filming Days, 4 Edit Days.

Q: Does it all have to be done in one go?

A: The process can span an entire year, or can be completed within a fortnight. You tell us what works best for you.

Q: How many pupils need to be involved?

A: Up to 18 for the film crew - however the cast list can include many, many more!

Q: How do I decide who takes part?

A: We encourage schools to select a broad range of ages and interests (not just film geeks!).

Q: I can't get 18 pupils off-timetable for 6 days!

A: We work a rotating 'shift' arrangement so that everyone is involved at different times of the day to allow for existing commitments e.g. lessons, sports, music.

Q: Won't it be disruptive?

A: This hasn't been an issue at other schools provided sufficient warning is given that filming will be taking place. Also, filming can be scheduled to avoid potential disruption. We've not had any complaints... so far.

Q: What if our pupils don't come up with good ideas?

A: We encourage input from everyone in a variety of formats, be it via written 'pitches', roundtable discussion, or Youtube clips they find inspiring - our role is to foster an environment where everyone feels ownership, and creativity is balanced with what's achievable.

Q: I'm interested but not 100% yet.

A: We arrange a Skype/telephone to talk it all through in detail. A follow-up email recap will enable you to make a considered, informed decision. We can also put you in touch with schools who've already done it for a second opinion.


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