This has significant benefits for a school: it provides an incredibly powerful, professional-level learning experience for pupils in which they design, shoot and edit their own film alongside passionate industry experts, and it has the added benefit of the end-product which is a pupil-eye’s view of the experience of your school which opens the real experience of your school to the outside world. Both are invaluable
— Oliver Blond, Headmaster, Roedean
“The experience and technical know-how, channelled through the pupils, was invaluable. The results exceeded expectations of all involved”
— Ellis Whitcomb, Head of Development, City Of London School
“The process was highly collaborative and both girls and staff alike were thrilled with the outcome. The team helped facilitate an empowering experience for the girls. Thank you”

— Liza Coutts, Head of Communication, St Paul's Girl's School
“The film we made with you at Wycombe certainly had a strong impact on prospective pupils - pretty much every pupil I interviewed had watched the film. The ‘Making Of’ was just as important as the film to me: it demonstrated what the girls were really like and that they could have a lot of fun at Wycombe”
— Dr Glenn Moodie, Director of Studies, Wycombe Abbey 

“The guidance and support was second to none and we felt completely happy leaving everything in their and our pupils’ hands. The pupils know the school best and they took pride in being able to show it off in an open and honest way and they learnt some fantastic skills. Without a doubt we would do it all again”
— Mary Hicks, Director of Marketing, Lord Wandsworth College
“Parents have continually said how refreshing it is to have something that has not only been created by the girls, but also shows their perspective so clearly. My admissions colleagues have reported how girls have been much more engaged by marketing material that is actually aimed at them”
— Will Cooper, Senior Teacher, Godolphin & Latymer