Stage One

'I'm interested but not 100% yet'

We arrange a Skype/telephone to talk it all through in detail. A follow-up email recap enables you to discuss with colleagues and make a considered, informed decision. We can also put you in touch with previous client schools for an unbiased opinion.

Stage Two

'We'VE GOT THE go-ahead'

We arrange a 2-3 hr Brainstorm Session for the pupil crew (up to 18 can take part, all ages welcome) to discuss their ideas for the film with us. We supply a briefing document to help stimulate discussion. Our role is to foster an environment where everyone feels ownership, and creativity is balanced with what’s achievable. The following week we send through a draft script, for feedback by pupils/the school, then script sign-off and scheduling begins.

Stage Three

'And... Action!'

Filming takes place over 2 days, scheduled to show the school off at its absolute best - and minimise any potential disruption. We supply a 4 person crew (plus all equipment) and establish a production hub as a base - usually the Marketing Dept. Three separate pupil crews ('A Unit', 'B Unit' and 'Behind-The-Scenes') are on the go at any time, guided by our industry professionals to help ensure great results.

Stage Four

'It's in the can...'

Editing takes place over 4 sessions, usually from 4-6/6.30pm, and edit laptops are left at the school for additional work to take place. Two films are edited: the Prospectus and Behind-The-Scenes Film. Once both edits are signed off by the school, we send the film to be sound-mixed and graded (picture enhancement) by the post-production team who make Blue Planet.

Stage Five

'That's a wrap'

We deliver three items to the school: Prospectus Film, Behind-The-Scenes and Still Photos, all in web-ready digital form.